Fire Damage Restoration Services in Atlanta Georgia

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Hurricane Restoration is a leading supplier of fire damage repair services. Our company focuses on fixing buildings after natural disasters or accidents that cause water, smoke, or fire damage. Hurricane Restoration has been around for a while, so at this point, we should be very well-known for the kind of service they do. Experts on our team have access to cutting-edge equipment and methods, allowing us to restore properties damaged by fire as soon as possible and with little disruption to the surrounding community. Hurricane Restoration can repair any damage to any building, whether a home or a business. We are sensitive to the financial and emotional burdens fire damage places on property owners and work to alleviate those burdens via competent and caring service. Hurricane Restoration is the firm to contact if you need fire damage repair services in Atlanta.

How it Works

Mold treatment and prevention after water damage is difficult and requires specialized equipment and approaches. Hurricane Restoration uses a tried-and-true method for eradicating mold and preventing it from returning. The following is how it works:

Board-up and roof-tarping

Hurricane Repair can board up broken windows and doors and tarp the roof if required to protect your home from future storm damage.

Water removal and drying

If there is water damage, Hurricane Restoration will utilize specialist equipment to drain the area and dry it off to avoid the spread of mold.

Smoke and soot removal

For smoke and soot cleaning, the experts at Hurricane Restoration will utilize industrial-strength tools on your carpets, upholstery.

Cleaning and deodorizing

Hurricane Restoration will clean and deodorize your home completely to get rid of any smoke or fire scents that may still be there.

Initial assessment

To begin, the specialists at Hurricane Restoration will survey the scene and determine how much damage has been done by the fire.


hen the property has been cleaned and deodorized, Hurricane Restoration will begin the restoration process,  including repairing damaged. 

Final inspection

 Hurricane Restoration will perform a final inspection to guarantee that your property is back to its pre-damage state and meets your expectations.

Hurricane Restoration is committed to providing high-quality mold removal and prevention services in Atlanta, Georgia, after water damage. Our trained professionals employ cutting-edge technology and processes to effectively eliminate mold and prevent its growth, providing you and your family with a safe and healthy living environment.

Service Area: Atlanta Georgia

Contact Us

If your Atlanta, Georgia, property has suffered fire damage, don’t hesitate to call Hurricane Restoration. Our skilled staff is ready to assist you in restoring your property to its pre-damaged condition. Hurricane Restoration may be reached by phone at (678) 920-9952 or by filling out the contact form on our website. Our customer service professionals will gladly answer any queries and schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. Hurricane Restoration understands that time is the key when it comes to fire damage restoration, which is why we provide emergency services 24/7. Could you not put it off any longer? Contact Hurricane Restoration now, and let us assist you in getting back on track.